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Addictions treatment

Addictions exist in different forms and levels of severity. It does not only entail hard drugs but also alcohol, gaming, marihuana, among others. If you have the feeling that you or someone close to you is suffering from an addiction you can reach out to the VNN (Verslavingszorg Noord Nederland). This is an organisation that specialises in all different kinds of addictions for all different types of people. They can give you advice, but also help you with treatments if the situation asks for it. It is never too late to call and ask for advice. Unfortunately, the website of VNN is in Dutch, however, you can reach them by phone through this number: 088 234 34 34. The line is available 24/7 and can be reached anonymously and confidential. 


Do you urgently need someone to talk to? Are you thinking about suicide, or are you worried about someone close to you? 113 offers mental health professionals who can talk to you anonymously and 24/7. They are available through the following website or by calling 0800 0113 (Unfortunately, up until this moment only available for people calling from the Netherlands). On the website, you can also find a self-test, online therapy courses, and psychologists. 113 is also part of an international alliance of prevention organisations. If you want to find more information on this, you can visit this website.