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Open Consulation Hours & Coaching

All ears

If you get stuck or lose track for a while, it can be a relief to share your story with someone outside your own circle. Someone who just listens and maybe has helpful suggestions. This is possible at All Ears.

 The All Ears student counsellors are fully conversant with the possible pitfalls and problematic issues of student life. All sessions at All Ears are accessible and without any obligations, and will remain completely confidential. As a rule they will be conducted either in Dutch or in English, but some student counsellors are also proficient in German, French, Luxembourgish, Portuguese or Spanish. So if a student prefers to communicate in one of these languages, then that can be arranged.

All Ears Zernike starts on Wednesday, February 2nd, at 2 p.m. at Van Olsttoren, Zernikeplein 7. Every Wednesday afternoon between 2 and 4 p.m. the consultation hour will be in room T009. If you would rather visit All Ears nearer to the city centre: on Wednesday afternoons between 2 and 4 p.m. there is also a consultation hour in the Harmoniecomplex, Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat. Furthermore, it is possible to make an appointment online with one of the All Ears student counsellors outside the abovementioned consultation hours. 

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Are you struggling? Talking about it helps! At @ease you can just walk in or chat: anonymously, without an appointment and for free. We are there, especially for young people from 12 to 25 years, but all students can come to us. 

We know that many young people find it difficult to find, ask for and receive help when they are dealing with psychological and social problems. Shame, waiting lists, wanting to solve problems alone or not feeling comfortable with talking to a practitioner all play a role in this. We also know that talking about your problems helps…it feels less lonely and it can prevent feeling worse. That is why @ease is there: a place where young people can talk to other young people: safely, anonymously, without obligations, for free and possibly also via chat. Should you need more help, you can find online therapy via @ease or look for more support together with our volunteers and professionals in your neighbourhood. 

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Open Consultation Hour Alcohol and drugs

Are you a Hanze UAS or University of Groningen student? Do you have questions or are you concerned about alcohol and drug use? Maybe you recognise yourself in one of the following questions:

  • When is smoking a joint no longer recreational?
  • How would I benefit from not consuming alcohol for a month?
  • I’m spending more time on video games than on my studies, how can I change this?
  • Is it normal that people around me take XTC regularly?

Feel free to ask these questions to a specialist. Every third Tuesday of the month between 19:00 and 21:00, you can go to our digital consultation hour. This is free of cost and anonymous. This will be a videoall, but of course, you can turn off your camera. 

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Mindshift Coaching

Mindshift Coaching offers to coach for  (international) students and helps them with:

  • Effective studying
  • Mental health
  • Procrastination & motivation
  • Personal development & career directions

As an ESN cardholder, you get a free 60 min 1:1 Coaching session with one of the psychology experts Hamzah (MSc.) and Jonas (BSc.) In this session, they analyze your situation and develop hand in hand a step-by-step plan to overcome your challenges. If you want to work with the Mindshift experts together over a longer period of time, you can use a 20% discount on their Mindshift Coaching Program. 

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