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The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is the finance committee of ESN Groningen and is in charge of keeping the books and financial tracks of the organisation. In addition, they support and check the Executive Board Treasurer & External relations coordinator. The Audit Committee consists of a representative of the University of Groningen, a representative from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, two former Executive Board treasurers of ESN and at least one external person.

Members of the Audit Committee 2022-2023:

  1. Jos Doldersum (Treasurer ESN Groningen 2022-2023)
  2. Szonja Szabó (External Relations ESN Groningen 2022-2023)
  3. Jan Willem Leeuwma (President of the GB 2022-2023)
  4. Stijn Bergman (External Relations ESN Groningen 2015 – 2016)
  5. Joost Jellesma (Treasurer ESN Groningen 2018-2019)
  6. Jorian Kamp (Treasurer ACLO 2019-2020)
  7. Lennart Stokman (Treasurer ESN Groningen 2020-2021)
  8. Nick Grolleman (External Relations ESN Groningen 2020-2021)
  9. Jelle Haisma (Treasurer ESN Groningen 2021-2022)
  10. Bibianne Joosten (External Relations ESN Groningen 2021-2022)
  11. Leo Wenneger (Head of Financial Administration University of Groningen)
  12. Maurice Cox (Lecturer Accounting, Finance & Tax at Hanze University of Applied Science)