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Femke Steman

Femke Steman – Integration Coordinator ESN Groningen Board 2020/2021

Hi everyone! I am Femke Steman, the Integration Coordinator of the Executive Board of 2020/2021. I just finished my Bachelor’s degree European Languages and Cultures, where I specialized in Spanish and linguistics. During my bachelor I went on exchange to Mexico, which was an amazing experience and where I learned a lot about different cultures. Now that I am back in Groningen, I am committed to help the international students here so that they can have the same amazing experience that I had and to make their time in Groningen the best possible. A fun fact about me is that I love listening and dancing to Latin/Reggaeton music, even though I have no sense of rhythm and I am a terrible dancer.

Position description

The position of the Integration Coordinator is very different from the other positions. Where the other positions are more or less set in stone, my position comes with a lot more freedom for new ideas and projects. The tasks that I generally have are: taking care of the ESN programmes (Buddy, Intercambio, Clubs and maybe others in the future), having meetings with external parties, supervising internal and external committees, organising various activities, and representing ESN Groningen in several platforms. As the Integration Coordinator, I am also involved in the event called Integration Night. In collaboration with other associations we organise an activity where (international) students get the chance to experience a night ‘inside the student bubble’.  Furthermore, the ESN committees under my responsibility are the Buddy & Integration Committee and the International Dinner Committee.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments! My email is