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Mingke Schilstra

Mingke Schilstra – Integration Coordinator ESN Groningen Board 2021/2022

Hi everyone! I am Mingke, the Integration Coordinator of the Executive Board of 2021/2022. I’m 22 years old and I started my masters in Marketing last February. For my bachelor, I went on exchange to Porto in Portugal, where I had the best time and met amazing  people!  As I have been living in Groningen my whole life, I love showing people around the city. Next to this, I love to dance and cannot sit still once I hear music.

Just like the others, I’m excited to take a year off and work for ESN Groningen full-time to give incoming students the best experience. I hope to see you soon and if you have any questions or wanna chat, feel free to come by!

Position description

The position of the Integration Coordinator is very different from the other positions. Where the other positions are more or less set in stone, my position comes with a lot more freedom for new ideas and projects. I am responsible for the ESN programmes, which include both Buddy Programmes, the Language Exchange Programme, and the Clubs Programme. Next to this, my tasks include being in contact with many study and student associations, having meetings with external parties, supervising internal and external committees, organising various activities, and representing ESN Groningen in several platforms. For example, as the Integration Coordinator, I am involved in the event called Integration Night. In collaboration with other associations we organise an activity where (international) students get the chance to experience a night ‘inside the student bubble’.  Furthermore, the ESN committees under my responsibility are the Buddy & Integration Committee and the International Dinner Committee.

Together with Jelle, our treasurer, I’m also one of the confidential advisors. If you feel like you could use a listening ear, or if something happened, you can always contact us. My email is