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5 tips on how to survive the winter in Groningen

Now that the days are getting even shorter and you sometimes forget about the existence of a sun, life in the Netherlands may feel a little depressing. However, the people from Groningen know very well how to handle this: what’s nicer than having our own ice-skating rink in the theme of the movie ‘Frozen’?! Or having a four-day music festival featuring artists from all over Europe? Keep reading and you will be convinced that Groningen is the best place to stay this winter!

Go ice-skating (now)
Since just having our own ice-skating rink at the Grote Markt wasn’t amazing enough yet, this year it’s covered in a ‘Frozen’ theme! Even if ice-skating may scare you, it’s very entertaining to just watch other people ice-skating and feel the atmosphere. Next to the rink, there is a heated pavilion where you can enjoy a hot drink.

on ice 

Celebrate Sinterklaas (now)

You may have seen him already last Saturday: Sinterklaas is staying in Groningen again, all the way from Spain (or so the children believe). Unfortunately he didn’t bring us any Spanish sun, but the good thing is that supermarkets are filled with delicacies: it’s obligatory to try (chocolade) pepernoten, kikkers en muizen, marsepein and chocoladeletters. A typical game Dutch people play on the 5th of December is ‘drawing names’ (also known as ‘Secret Santa’), and it is tradition to write a poem for the person you have to buy presents as well. Very gezellig! Modern life has even made things easier, the drawing can be done online: click here.

 Admire world’s largest Christmas bauble (from 6th of December)

DOT Groningen will offer the city the world’s largest Christmas bauble! DOT declares it will be over 26 metres in diameter and 19 metres high. As led-lights will be used, the bauble can even change its colours. Definitely worth a visit I’d say! (Address: Vrydemalaan 2).


Visit Christmas Market Groningen style (15th-17th December)

Groningen wouldn’t be Groningen if its Christmas market isn’t special as well: during WinterWelVaart, Hoge and Lage der A will be filled with magnificently lit ships where music and arts can be admired. On the quayside wooden houses offer original christmas presents and of course, little dishes and glühwein, as christmas markets should be.

 Visit Eurosonic Noorderslag  (17th-20th of January)

Don’t be melancholic when Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over, in January Eurosonic Noorderslag will be held: a four-day music festival where both Dutch and European artists will be performing more than 300 acts. A lot of venues across the city will be turned into stages, visited by more than 40.000 people.

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 Written by Tessa Jansen – PR Committee