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6 International ways to cure a hangover

Ever had one of those crazy nights out and in the morning, you wake up too hangover to do anything? In this blog post I give you the international ways of curing your hangover so that you may make those important classes and meetings after a night out!

1. Dutch people recommend a few things for a hangover; eating food before bed, eating eierballen or ‘uit de muur’ e.g. eating a kroket before going to sleep. Some also recommend the Dutch breakfast: baked eggs, knakworst, broodje bapao, pizza, ham and kaas croissant, tosti and drinking Jus d’orange. Also, if you find yourselves hangover after the new year’s, a nieuwjaarsduik is also an option!


2. In England one of the best hangover remedies is indeed the full packed English breakfast fried egg, bacon, toast, hash browns, roasted tomatoes, black pudding, mushrooms and beans. Although packed with calories, it will give you plenty of carbohydrates and help your blood sugar increase! And of course, it’s also very tasty. Bacon sandwiches will do as well!


3. In Poland, the most effective way is to drink water from Polish sour gherkins/pickles and kefir. You can find these in a Polish supermarket here in Groningen. I cannot guarantee the taste will be amazing, but if you must be at a meeting morning after a night out, this method will work.


4. In Germany, they have a few ways of curing hangover; chewing coffee beans apparently wakes you up, exercises your jaw and takes your mind off the hangover (no need for your daily dose of coffee). Another suggestion is to eat gherkins or salty herring – known as rollmops – to replace all the salt you have lost after drinking. Also, eat something sweet, Germans recommend stollen; but chances are anything that will restore your blood sugar levels, works! And last but not least, Germans simply recommend going for a walk… the fresh air can sometimes work wonders!


5. Slovaks like to popravit, i.e. start the morning off with a shot of vodka. Apparently, it makes your stomach feel better…. Not sure about this one, but let us know in the comments if you find it effective!


6. After talking to one of my best friends, I have discovered that in South Korea many people eat a soup called Haejang-guk. This simply translates in English as ‘hangover soup’. There are many various types of Haejang-guk according to region and ingredients. It is essentially a broth that is prepared by simmering ox bones in a pot with water for hours. Main ingredients include congealed ox blood, vegetables, napa cabbage and beef broth. You can either try to make the soup yourself, search in the Asian market in Groningen for a ready one or go out to a Korean restaurant. It may not be your cup of tea but you should give it a go, might come in handy!


That’s all for the hangover tips, of course as everyone says the best cure for a hangover is to not drink at all or drink less, but as we all know that is quite hard in practise.
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Written by: Dominika Dabrowska – PR Committee