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6 Stereotypes of students you will find at the UB

These days the UB (Universiteitsbibliotheek or University Library) is packed with students, even if you arrive at the horribly early time of 8.30 AM. Therefore, chances are high that you end up at a spot of approx. 10 cm2 surrounded by  3828190 other students. Unless you’re the lucky one to conquer a single table, this way being able to avoid awkward eye contact with a fellow student opposite you. But if this is not the case, you will very probably have met all the types of library students described below, or do you even – you don’t have to admit –  recognize yourself in one of them?


  1. The obviously clueless-student

Okay, to be honest, we all know this feeling of not having our life together. But the library is not the best place to express your feelings of hopelessness. This student might have 3 exams and 5 essays due tomorrow, but you don’t care of course, the only thing you care about is that they should stop sighing and making nervous movements. Their desperate attitude might even infect you and make you lose your faith as well. Often this student doesn’t even notice his/her own stress level, being way too busy.

  1. The ‘I will take my entire household with me’-student

You should feel lucky if there is some space on the table left, if you are sitting next to this student who brought 8 law books, headphones, a laptop, 2 ballpoint pens, a bottle of water, some fruit, earplugs, a blanket, a coffee mug, cookies, 3 notebooks, 6 markers in different colours, a phone charger, and on top of that, an alarm-clock (this is not a joke, this has seriously been spotted by undersigned). Why even taking so much effort, who does this student just not stay at home if he/she’s in need of all these belongings?

  1. The ‘taking a break’-student

This student leaves for a break every 5 minutes, why has he/she even occupied a spot? Now you and your friend have to sit apart from each other, because this student conquered a place next to you, without even being there! We all know the coffee rooms /rooftop terraces /Starbucks are attracting places if you’ve been trying to get your way through the 21902 pages of this boring book, and of course you need both breaks and coffee as well, but please don’t come to the library if you don’t even need to study.


  1. The chewing student

Whether it’s chewing gum or just cookies/chips/whatever, just don’t. No explanation needed. The library didn’t hire ‘guards’ to keep an eye on eating people as some kind of sheltered employment. It’s something serious.

  1. The social media addicted student

No, by this one I don’t want to describe the Media Studies student of course. Sometimes you wonder whether this student realizes all students behind him/her can see who he/she’s looking up on Facebook. Or whether he/she realizes everyone can read the interesting Whatsapp story about last night. Or whether we should know about the unilateral friendship he/she has with Enrique Iglesias on Instagram, by thanking him for sharing cute baby photos. Probably not.

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  1. The napping student

We’ve all been there, watching a 2-hour-lecture accompanied by a monotone voice, pixelated images and some cough sounds in the lecture room isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but if you’re in for a nap, I know more comfy places than a library chair and desk. Watching sleeping students while trying to memorize complex theories is not most motivating either. (Actually, I must admit, this idea of installing sleep pods is not that bad).

What’s the most remarkable thing you ever experienced in the library? Or do you recognize your friends in one of these stereotypes? Leave a comment!

Written by Tessa Jansen– PR Committee