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A foodie guide to Groningen

A Foodie Paradise.
a guest blog by Emma from


I can’t have this travel blog without sharing this beautiful city with you guys. During my time as a student (and still) I have called this place my home. Groningen is a student city by heart. With over 57k students in a city with 200k people you can imagine why. But what I loved most about Groningen is the many places you can go to if you’re a foodie like me. In this article I will share my favourite cafes, restaurants and bars with you.

If you like grabbing a coffee in a cute cafe and find the best places to eat when you’re in a new city Groningen is the place to be. Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday there is a big food market on the square called the Fish Market (Vismarkt). From the freshest fish, to the most tasteful and affordable fruits and veggies: you can find it here! Don’t skip out trying the Dutch cookie stroopwafel at the food truck here. It’s a massive crispy cookie with warm syrup inside (are you already convinced?). Another must visit is the shop called Droppie (Address: Astraat 7). Drop is actually a Dutch candy (try it and decide for yourself if you like it, it has a very liquorice taste). In this shop you can buy over 300 kinds of ‘drop’ and other Old Dutch candy.

Fresh Stroopwafels at the market

Lunch & Dinner

Pernikkel is my favourite restaurant in Groningen. Pernikkel is Flemish for an incredibly urge to… eat! I love the vintage vibe in the restaurant and there is a really relaxed atmosphere. It’s not so crowded and you feel a bit like being in someone’s living room. What I like about Pernikkel is that they only have a small menu which they partly change every week. They always offer new sandwiches, starters and main courses. The classics stay on the menu: don’t miss out on trying my absolute favourite: the sweet potato burger. Another cool thing is that they offer breakfast too which you can order the whole day. The soups are great too, they are homemade and so yummy and satisfying.

If you want to know what’s on the menu this week, check their website:
Address: Aweg 2, 9718 CS Groningen

Mr. Mofongo
Mr. Mofongo is next to the beautiful University in the city centre of Groningen. I love the worldly vibe in this restaurant. They have one of the best coffees in town and amazing monchou cake. The quality of the lunch is amazing and I like how the dishes are inspired from meals from all over the world. If you want to have some dinner here, I would recommend the tapas platter. On the first floor you can find a cocktail and a wine bar too, a perfect place for a fun night out.

Address: Oude Boteringestraat 26, 9712 GJ Groningen

Uurwerker means clockwork and you’ll see that when you’re here: they put many clockworks on the walls. Uurwerker is the place to be on a weekend night. They serve yummy stone oven pizza’s and it’s the perfect place to grab a beer or have a glass of wine and socialise. Besides beer they have some amazing food platters with all kinds of food you can share with your friends (see pictures below). They have comfy couches to relax while enjoying your time here. The only disadvantage is that you can’t make a reservation unless you’re with a big group and the place is very popular among the locals so you just have to take your chances and walk in and check if there’s some place for you. In summer there are plenty of picnic benches outside to enjoy the warmer evenings.

For the menu go to
Address: Uurwerkersplein 1, 9712 EJ Groningen

Wadapartja is a cool restaurant where they offer amazing food: from yummy breakfast (which you can order until 4 pm) until really good dinner: it’s a foodie paradise! Wadapartja is a Dutch saying for ‘how odd’ and they try to express this saying in the menu. For example they had a cheesecake made of goat cheese and cooked pears. Their vegan salad with roasted pumpkin and the white bean burger are my favourites! Don’t miss out on the juice of the day: fresh and healthy.

Address: Gedempte Zuiderdiep 39-41, 9711 HB Groningen

Buurman & Buurman
If you love pizza but you like to try more special toppings on your pizza try a pizza at the restaurant Buurman & Buurman. Those stone oven crusty pizza’s are just heavenly perfect. They really try to surprise you in a good way with their toppings. For example they have a pizza with spinach and basil sauce instead of a basic tomato sauce. Fun touch is that they offer not standard soft drinks like a fanta or a coke. They serve less popular soda’s and lemonades and just as the pizza’s they offer some interesting flavoured drinks to try as well!

Adress: Rodeweg 6, 9715 AW Groningen

Left: Pizza at Buurman & Buurman. Middle & Right: Great food at Wadapartja

Plat is the best French fries shop in Groningen. So if you’re craving some crispy fries this is the place to be. Cool fact is that they only use local potatoes to make their fries. Don’t forget to try some Dutch deep fried snacks too, like: the frikandel (a meat stick), the kroket (a crispy meat stick filled with ragout), the famous eierbal (a snack with a whole egg on the inside) or the kaassoufflé (deep fried cheese). Another Dutch thing is to order your fries ‘in war‘ (we say: patatje oorlog): it’s the combination of mayonnaise, sate sauce and if you want onions too.

Address: Astraat 10, 9718 CR Groningen

Coffee & Cake

Besides the perfect monchou cake (and brownies) at Mr. Mofongo there are many places to grab a coffee and enjoy a piece of cake, pie or any other sweet delight. Here are my all time favourites!

Little Lovely Living
For the most over the top and fun milkshakes you go to Little Lovely Living. They decorate your milkshake or hot chocolate with everything possible: chocolate, mini marshmallows, sweet and sour candy, cotton candy, little fireworks, etcetera, etcetera. Little Lovely Living is besides a little cafe also a shop for the most adorable baby and children presents.

Little Lovely Living has two locations:
1. Herestraat 17, 9711 LA Groningen
2. Astraat 16, 9718 CR Groningen

Bij Britta
Bij Britta (at Britta’s) is owned by a couple (whereof the man has a blue sparkled beard). Britta makes the most amazing home made heavenly cakes and pies. From mud cake to orea cheesecake: to pick only one flavour will be a hard job. Bij Britta offers lunches as well nowadays, so you can definitely try that too here.

Address: Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 27, 9712 EB Groningen

I recently discovered P.S. and I was instantly fan of this cute little cafe. They make home made cakes and they are delicious. When we were there you could choose between apple pie (Dutch!), chocolate cake, cheesecake, caramel shortbread, lemon meringue and carrot cake. Which one would you pick? Nice touch: there are some swings you can swing on while eating your cake. Tip: try the Chai Massala.

Address: Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 24, 9712 EJ Groningen

Cookie Dosis
Cookie Dosis is a new shop inside the Folk Concept store created by the bakery BAQ next to this store. Here you can grab instead of ice cream some homemade cookie dough in a cup. They have multiple flavours (like apple pie and salted caramel) and you can add some toppings and caramel or chocolate sauce. Heaven in a cup don’t you think? And if you want you can actually bake cookies with them too. We didn’t make it so far because we were enjoying the dough too much.

Address: Folkingestraat 17, 9711 JS Groningen

Toet is one of the cutest cafes you can go to and is truly a paradise for every desert lover. Everything is homemade and made with love. They try to use as much organic and local ingredients as possible. You have amazing cakes and pies here and you even can do a multiple course lunch or dinner where you will only get cakes and pies. And a perfect touch: they do take away too.

Address: Ubbo Emmiusstraat 19, 9711 CA Groningen

Cat Cafe Op Zn Kop
For every cat lover this place should be on your list when visiting or living in Groningen. It’s actually the first cat cafe in the Netherlands! The cat cafe is home for ten adopted cats  from the shelter. On every table there is a little book with the story of every cat. The cafe serves really tasty cakes, lunches and even some meals for dinner. They offer some activities as well, like movie night or even yoga with the cats. If you want to support the cafe in keeping the cats healthy, you can buy some merchandise in the shop itself.

Address: Oude Ebbingestraat 57, 9712 HC Groningen

Anat is the place to be for everyone who’s vegan or trying to eat more plant based. The cafe is in a cute little building at the park Noorderplantsoen and everything on the menu is vegan, from drinks to food. Try the chocolate cake and you won’t be disappointed. You can also have your vegan breakfast and/or lunch here.

Address: Verlengde Grachtstraat 1, 9717 GD Groningen

Beers, wine and more fun

As a student city Groningen offers many places for grabbing a beer and after that for dancing. During the evening there are plenty of bars where you can have amazing (home-brewed) beer and enjoy your surroundings. I will share a couple of my favourites with you guys. Of course there are many more places to discover!

Uurwerker doesn’t only offer good pizza and other food but it’s also the place to be on your Friday or Saturday night. Relax on the couch or in summer on the picnic benches outside and have yourself a drink! In the weekends there is a DJ improving the atmosphere even more.

Address: Uurwerkersplein 1, 9712 EJ Groningen

Opposite the Uurwerker you’ll find the small Belgium pub the Pintelier. Pintelier is the place to be if you love a specialty beer or you want to try a new beer. Fun fact: the Pintelier won a price for being the best cafe in Groningen (and number 16 in the whole Netherlands).

Address: Kleine Kromme Elleboog 9, 9712 BS Groningen

De Toeter
De Toeter is a pub that specializes in specialty beers and whiskey’s. With 19 beer taps, over 160 beers in bottles and over 400 different whiskey’s you have an amazingly amount of choice. They offer a pub quiz every Wednesday and Sunday which is very popular among the locals and that’s why it’s always crowded. Make sure to make a reservation if you decide to do this with a couple of friends (it will cost you 2,50 euros per person) – don’t worry: they do it in English as well. Another specialty about de Toeter is that during the warmer periods in the Netherlands they have a terrace on top of a big ship which is in the canal of Groningen! How fun is that while drinking your beer or whiskey?

Address: Turfsingel 6, 9712 KP Groningen

Brewery Martinus
Martinus is one my favourite places to go for a beer. The building itself is already a reason to go. The beautiful old building used to be a printing house but nowadays it is as brewery. The brewery is in the city centre of Groningen and their home-brewed beers are just amazing. My all time favourite is the Smoked Porter, but it’s a heavy one so you have to decide for yourself! If you want to try multiple specialty beers without the big chance you’ll get a little drunk you can order the beer tasting. I love the area where you can drink your beer, it feels like a cosy living room. Most of the time they spin some old records as well. Martinus offers an à la carta menu in their restaurant where their specialty beers are used in multiple dishes: a must try!

Address: Kostersgang 32-34, 9711 CX Groningen

Oblomov is a little bar in the night strip of Groningen. It offers all kinds of specialty beers and is the perfect place if you want to go dancing after a couple of beers. The disco bar Wolther Wolthers is just across the street and a fun place to continue your night.

Address: Poelestraat 11, 9711 PG Groningen

Hoppe (de Drie Gezusters)
Another bar close to the night life of Groningen is Hoppe. You’ll find the bar Hoppe inside the Drie Gezusters (the Three Sisters) which are three big buildings connected to each other at the Great Market (de Grote Markt): prepare yourself to get lost! Besides Hoppe, there are all kinds of areas you can go to in the Drie Gezusters, including a turning bar where you can go dancing.

Address: Grote Markt 38, 9711 LW Groningen

Blocks & Barrels
This is quite an unique pub where it’s not only fun to enjoy your beer but also to enjoy some good quality charcuterie and snacks. Blocks & Barrels works together with a local butcher who still does his work by hand. If you’re a big meat fan try their dinner as well once!

Address: Hoogstraatje 3-5, 9711 LN Groningen

Written by Emma from