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If you have any questions about the Ambassador Programme, do not hesitate to send an email to

As you have experienced, studying abroad can be quite challenging in the beginning! But yet, here you are, settled down and (hopefully) well integrated in the Dutch and Groningse society. It’s good to look back sometimes and recognise all the things you have learned along the way. How about you use this knowledge and experience to help out a prospective exchange student?

In order to promote international mobility and help students find the courage to go on exchange, ESN Groningen launched the Ambassador Programme. In this programme, you will be paired up with one or numerous local students (Dutch or international), interested in going on exchange to the region you are from! This local student will seek out some tips and tricks and will be eager to hear about your experience, country and culture. It is also a great opportunity for you to meet a local student and integrate even more! Whether you only want to help with some practical questions or actually want to build a new friendship is totally up to you and can be indicated beforehand.

Interested? Become an Ambassador by applying via this form!