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Best Asian food picks


This week we are turning the globe all the way to Asia! Asia being rich with its beautiful nature, kind people and culture, has all of its secrets bundled up in its delicious cuisine. Now, whether you are out of fresh ideas and love to cook or you enjoy having spicy Asian food for dinner, we got you covered!

But first we wanted to share a sweet and tasty recipe from our Chinese dinner event. The dessert was Tangyuan which are rice balls served with sweet syrup.


  • brown sugar
  • ginger
  • tangyuan – glutinous rice balls

1. Sweet soup base

  • boil water
  • add ginger until the smell of it becomes intense
  • add sugar

2. Tangyuan

  • boil water
  • add the rice balls and stir them so they wouldn’t stick
  • when they start floating, rinse them with cold water put sweet soup base and tangyuan together


Even though this is super easy to make, if you are lazy and prefer to order or would like to go out for dinner, keep reading to find out our best Asian food places in Groningen


Cho Fah Eat Thai (€€€)

For all of you Thai food lovers, Cho Fah Eat Thai Is a good place to go to if you would like to try Thai soup, curry, salads or desserts. They also have set menus for 2 or more people so it’s perfect for a group dinner.

Gelkingestraat 5

Thai Jasmine (€€€)

If you are feeling fancy, highly recommended is their pad thai and fancy menu. Thai Jasmine beside its good selection of food, has a really nice ambient with lots of pictures which resemble Asian culture.

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 19

Konbu streetfood (€€)

Their Karage fried chicken is a must try!!! Also, if you can’t decide between Pho and ramen, go with Pho because it is one of the best in town! The restaurant does snacks, with meat as well as vegetarian and a variety of meals from Japan to Vietnam!

Oosterstraat 10

Warung Jawa (€)

Two of their best meals are, for sure, their Soto (rice with chicken broth soup, egg, chicken and bean sprouts) and roti! They also have catering service so, if you are planning a big event, this might be your best choice for some delicious food!

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 110

Ke Kou (€)

Ke Kou is a good place for wok dishes that are affordable and will fill you up well. They have a fast service, so even if you are in a rush there is no excuse not to try out their noodles!

56a Grote Markt

Pho Saigon (€€)

Vietnamese soups and spring rolls are just some of the things you could try three. They have a photo menu which is very helpful if you are indecisive. It is a simple but cozy place to have a nice dinner on cold days.

Oude Botteringenstraat 8

Imono (€€€)

Not one Asian food post could go without some sushi! Sushi never fails to satisfy and Imono has a good selection of Maki and Nigiri sushi. Besides sushi they also offer other Japanese delights.

Gelkingestraat 18-20



Written by Elena – PR Committee