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Brunch *hot spots* in Groningen

For me there is no better way to spend your Sunday or, well, pretty much any day of the week you decide to be extra, than by going for a brunch with your friends. You get to catch up with people, take Instagram worthy pics of delicious food and enjoy the full table of goodness from pastries to cheese and coffee. Personally I never know where to go when deciding on a place cause all of my friends get really hungry and we end up at the same place. The next day, of course, I remember all these spots I didn’t think of, that we could have tried, but the cycle is endless and we usually stick to the same routine. That’s why, as a reminder for myself and you guys, I’m giving you some of the best brunch places in Groningen!


  • Pernikkel (Aweg 2)

At Pernikkel you get real breakfast, an English, American or German. They offer vegan options as well and combine modern dips and salsas with good classics.

  • Feel Good (Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 29)

One of many places you encounter outside Harmonie building, Feel Good is a real hippie place with food which is a burst of colors. They offer many vegetarian and vegan options.

  • Fresh Today (Westerkade 10 and Carolieweg 9)

The name pretty much explains the concept of food – fresh and healthy. Everything you order will combine all of the fresh food, which students usually tend to avoid, and create a good meal which will leave you thinking hmm quinoa ain’t that bad. Their sandwiches and wraps and inspired by different countries, so whether you crave Italian, Greek or Spanish tastes, they got you covered.

  • Pigalle (Stoeldraaierstraat 17)

A typical french bakery with a dash of dutch, Pigalle is the place which smells so good while you walk down Oude Kijk in t’ Jatstraat and suddenly crave a croissant but don’t know where it’s coming from. Their brunch is served as a three level platter filled with butter and jam, best cheeses, ham and eggs and of course croissants which are a flaky soft haven. From croque monsieur to pain au chocolat, Pigalle is oui oui.


  • Food Matterz (Oude Ebbingestraat 86)

One of my personal faves, Food Matterz is that calm yet urban place right next to the canal up north. Every month they offer new coffee specials and if you are a fan of sugary creamy coffees, it is a must! Their yogurt and smoothie bowl are filled with delicious but nutritious goodness which we all lack during exam periods. Everything they serve is fresh and most spreads and dips are homemade and the taste says it all.

  • Flinders (Schuitendiep 54)

Flinders is a real healthy but satisfying brunch place which offers everything you crave from pancakes and waffles to burgers. The portions are big but its worth every bite, the combinations you can get are very interesting and will excite your taste buds.

  • De Uurwerker (Uurwerkersgang 24)

The clock-worker with rustic wooden interior and walls filled with old-school clocks is a place which gives you real cosy vibes and is perfect for all students. It offers one of the best burgers and curly fries as well as absolute sins of milkshakes which you shouldn’t avoid! In the evenings it is turned into a pub with good beer and wine and warmth for these cold winter nights.

  • Bagels and Beans (Zwanestraat 30)

Pretty much the name says it all, if you are in a mood for a bagel or two, this place offers all kinds with delicious cream-cheese based spreads to try them with. Apart from the usual combinations like avocados, mozzarella or BLT, don’t be surprised if you come across the bug bagel which is indeed made with real(obvi dead) bugs. Whatever your preferences might be, the bug one sounds like a good source of protein to me! (jk)

  • Het Bakkerscafe (Zwanestraat 26)

This café is the perfect spot for all bread lovers. Apart from the hotel style breakfast they offer, you can pick any item on the menu and get endless amounts of delicious bread! Yes endless, you can get as many slices as you want and nobody is going to judge. The variety will suit anyone’s taste from sourdough, whole wheat to sweet raisins and seeds.


  • Lunch and Lavazza (Astraat 14)

This is a cute, lunchy place in Westerhaven which serves delicious sandwiches and coffee. It is a perfect spot for a quick mid-day bite whether you want a warm or a cold broodje and it also has a few sweets for a boost of energy till the end of a work day.

  • Bakkerij Blanche (Brugstraat 28)

The concept of the bakery is very modern. A side from the fresh bread and pastries which you can grab, you might wanna sit down and enjoy the menu starting from great coffee and juices to sandwiches, yogurts and salads. Healthy twist on classic dutch breakfast done just right.

  • P.S. (Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 24)

In a mood for smth sweet? PS serves you the best sweet breakfast filled with scones, croissants, yogurt with granola, carrot cake, coffee and fresh orange juice. Get that sweet tooth satisfied as soon as you wake up and you won’t regret one calorie.

  • Het Concerthuis (Poelestraat 30)

Here brunch is done on Sundays only which makes it just that much more special. The reservation is needed and if you happen to be lucky and grab your place in time, you won’t leave indifferent and with an empty stomach. The interior itself is very classy and gezellig and the staff is friendly and nice. All you need to wake up on a lazy Sunday.

Written by Elena – PR Committee