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Creative Christmas activities

Finally, December has arrived with Christmas being around the corner. The time has come to blast the long awaited and secretly enjoyed Christmas playlist and get ready for the “most beautiful time of the year”. Though December has started, it feels harder than usual to enjoy Christmas time. To celebrate Christmas this year will probably take a little bit more creativity, but it’s not impossible. If you feel like you have used up every bit of creativity during the last months: Don’t be discouraged! We want to share some tips with you.

Number One.
Being stuck in your room all day can kill off any leftovers of Christmas feelings. I personally lost sense of what time of the year it is when corona started. The colours of my walls do not seem to change with the seasons. The solution to this? Get your room or your apartment in Christmas shape and go all out. You thought about getting a Christmas tree with your roommates? Go for it! You want to change your room into a winter wonderland? Well, what are you waiting for? I think we all spent so much time in our rooms that we grew really tired of them. Changing up that normal room will definitely help you to get into the right mindset. And for all the people like me who are not really gifted with the talent of decorating: twinkle lights have the power of magically transposing boring and normal into cosy and ready for Christmas. Add a few candles and maybe something in red and green and boom you are a decorating pro!

Number Two.
After sitting in front of the computer the whole day, the best thing you can do to regain some brain capacity is to take a walk. What about taking a route through the city centre? You basically can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit when it turns dark and the decoration lights are turned on. Strolling along the canals at Hoge der A and looking at the decorated boats while enjoying the company of a good friend will definitely brighten up your day. And while you are on the move what about visiting Groningen’s most instagramable places? On our Instagram page you can find a collection of the nicest spots to take pictures. What else would make a place even more instagramable than a fun Christmas sweater?

Number Three.
The perfect asset to a long walk in the Dutch cold is coming back home – into your beautifully decorated apartment ;D – and enjoying some Christmas inspired drinks. Preparing a cup of hot chocolate, a homemade caramel latte or even your own mulled wine is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But have you ever tried Gingerbread Gin Tonic, peppermint mocha or tried to make your own Christmas liquor? The magical page of Pinterest will help you to find the perfect recipe for you and your friends. Maybe you will be able to create your personal Christmas drink!

Number Four.
As I already mentioned: The time has finally come to make everyone listen to your Christmas playlist. No one can argue that it is too early to listen to Christmas music, so we have to enjoy this precious month. If your Christmas playlist could use an update, why not use the spare time we currently have? You could create the ultimate Christmas playlist that will turn next year’s Christmas parties into the night of the year.

Number Five.
Last, but definitely not least: Join some awesome ESN Christmas activities! Even though Corona has made it hard for us to meet in person, we can still meet online and have a fun time together! You could join the Christmas Cookie Baking or be part of the Christmas Groups Programme. You can find all the events here and we hope you will find something you enjoy.

I hope some of these ideas will help you to enjoy this Christmas time and create some fun memories with your friends! Let’s show Corona how Christmas is done here in Groningen!