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Fight the boredom virus

Just like millions of other students, you have to stay at home because of the virus. Or well, at least you don’t have to go to uni. But now the real question is, how are you going to survive the boredom during these upcoming weeks (or months)? Because as nice as it may seem, you will get bored of watching those Netflix series, endlessly scrolling on social media, and playing that one video game over and over.

I think for me the scariest thing to happen is to be alone with my thoughts. I tend to make myself anxious over a variety of things, and more importantly, I will feel extremely useless after one day of doing nothing. Therefore, I have to keep myself busy at all costs, just like some of you! Therefore, I will give you some suggestions to make you feel a little less bored.Even though it is something that (I think) the majority of students hate to do, and often have excuses for such as ‘I have to go to uni’ or ‘I’ll do it later, I have to study now’ now is maybe even more important than ever; cleaning. I know I know you have probably heard this many times on the news, or read it in articles, but it is not just that hand sanitizer that will keep you safe. Set a date with your housemates and clean your entire home! It is a great way to be productive while spending some time with your housemates, while finally cleaning that stove that has never been cleaned before. So, get your brooms and sprays and start cleaning! I think that the most important part is the feeling you have after cleaning your home. You’ll feel proud and happy that you have finally done it, and often people tend to keep clean things clean!

Did you know that there are secret history gems hidden in Groningen? I think that the Folkingestraat has the most of them, such as a bronze door that can’t be opened, and little bronze moons on the clinkers of the street. Eleven moon shapes that take you from the waxing moon and full moon to the new moon. A little search on our beloved Google will help you to draw out your scavenger hunt map and find the hidden treasures that Groningen has to offer. Keep in mind to stay away from crowded places, and don’t forget to not go outside if you have any symptoms.For me, one of the pitfalls is the closing of the libraries (kinda sad). I know that I am not the only one who needs the pressure of other people to study. I have always said that I cannot study at home, but yet, now I am forced to. What really helps me to still accomplish this is to make schedules and to-do list! By seeing the progress you make, by checking things off from your to-do list, you will feel better because you’re actually accomplishing things!Since we all get hungry at some point, especially after a long day of studying and cleaning, taking your time to make a nice dinner is often forgotten. Especially now that there are fewer things you can do, you have to get creative with what you have! I find it a challenge every day to cook something with the left-over ingredients I have at home, and who says no to a challenge?!

Because I also like to be unproductive every now and then, while having seen almost everything on Netflix by now, I bought a dot-to-dot colour book for grownups to do something while doing nothing at all. I can tell you that it doesn’t really help me to relax, because there are 300 dots to connect, with different pen colours! But hey, it keeps me busy and somewhat entertained. Now I know that you won’t be able to go to the local bookstore to buy yourself one of these amazing colour books, but I just want to point out that even something small as a colouring book can entertain you for a good amount of time! And while we are at the book topic, find yourself an interesting book to read. I can spend hours and hours dwelled of in a good book, completely losing track of time and my surroundings. Moreover, it keeps your brain sharp for when you have to go back to uni again!

I hope that all of you won’t get too bored during the upcoming weeks, but moreover, I hope that you all stay healthy and support the people around you when they need you. As cliché as it may sound, this is the time where people need each other most. So, text or call that friend or family member a bit more often, check up on each other, but most of all, make the best out of your “free” time.

Written by Martijn Gils – PR&Graphics committee