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Five ways to stay active in Uni

Ahh, we know. Being a student is a full time job. Being constantly busy and stressed is no fun and on top of that working out is the last thing on the agenda.

But, staying active and fit even during uni days is not as hard as it seems especially in a city such as Groningen. There is a number of possibilities for students to engage in different sport activities, running clubs, cycling tours and following up on the 4mile run which happened last weekend, here are 5 ways to stay active.


You probably already heard of Alco, the university sport center which offers many sport activities, from football and tennis to some unusual ones like scuba-diving and horse ridding. It is located on Zernike campus and at the Central Station and even though a cycle to Zernike might not be the most appealing thing to do, I am sure one of the activities offered there will awake your interest enough to go and try it. I guarantee it’s a lot of fun, you will meet new people and it is a great extracurricular which will also keep you fit!

P.S. Alco offeres great deals with our ESN card!


Now, if you are more a kind of person which prefers to workout alone or you are into lifting weights or burning calories by doing cardio, gyms might be your best option. Besides Aclo gym, Groningen offeres many gyms around town including Basic Fit(multiple locations), Train More, Springs, Big Gym and more. All the gyms are well equipped and some also offer group sessions, free consultations with a trainer as well as nutrition plans.


If you are not into sports all that much, yet you like to be active, dance is a nice, relaxing yet effective way of staying in shape. In Groningen you can do it by joining one of the dance studios such as Dance Center Groningen, The Urban Dance Center, USVA Dance classes, Salsa Juan Carlos etc. They all offer various types of dance from Hip Hop to Jazz and even Latino and whether you are experienced or a beginner they have groups for both!


Running is an activity for all of you who don’t mind getting your heart rate up. If you like doing it on your own as a stress relief, I recommend running in one of Groningens beautiful parks. If you struggle doing it alone and would prefer company but your friends are all lazy, ESN offers a running club for students to meet and motivate each other to go run together. Also, there is a running club Vitalis in Aclo where you can also learn different techniques of running.


Yes, the most predictable of them all, but cycling is one of the healthiest ways to stay active. And as Groningen is one of the most cycle-friendly cities, what is a better way to move than by following some of the routes around the province or even attempting a long cycle to a nearby city.

The alternative is always popping on the back of someone’s bike and letting them do all the work, but that is not what we promote kids, stay active!

We hope this have motivated you enough to get of your chair and use your free time to do sports instead of mindlessly scrolling through Thuisbezorgd website planning your next cheat meal!


Written by Elena – PR Committee