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Fun Things To Do At Home

Welcome back to another blog from the Pandemic for the Pandemic! The last year we have spent more time with ourselves than ever before. By now most of us have put time and effort into self-growth, tried to cut our own hair, and taken lots and lots of walks with friends. The list of things that could be done is getting shorter. Partly because the tasks have been successfully accomplished and partly because the realisation has settled in that some tasks will stay undone. Creativity and new ideas are harder to find with every week gone by.
One thing that I have been struggling most with during this lockdown is finding a way to relax after work. In normal times, I would have gone to do something fun with my friends. Now I have to come up with something different. Since most of us went through the more or less productive things in the first couple of months. What about doing something more fun and definitely less productive?

• Discover a completely new genre of Podcasts to listen to. I personally developed a minor obsession with True Crime Podcasts over the last months. If that seems interesting to you check out “The First Degree” or “Unraveled”.

• Watch all movies that won an Oscar as “Best Motion Picture” and give them your personal rating.

• Use the time and YouTube to learn the dance moves of one of “The Greatest Showman” songs or memorize a breath-taking, mic-dropping speech of one of your favourite movies. Who knows when that will come in handy.

• Create your own personal logo and let it be printed on a pen or a cup or a notebook.

• Take an ingredient and make it the theme of all your recipes for the week.

• Try to recreate an insanely complicated recipe from a cooking or baking show.

• Learn to speak with a different accent and practice them in prank calls on your friends.

• Memorize the words to your favourite rap song and impress your friends at the next party after lockdown.

Even though hanging out with friends has to be mainly virtual, there are still some fun things that can be done!

• Challenge your friends to come up with a cocktail recipe consisting of 5 ingredients. The more creative the recipe the better! Specific shaking, magic spells, whatever comes to mind can be included. Meet on Zoom and show off your cocktail skills. The most creative recipe wins!

• Did you ever wonder what type of tree you or your friends would be? Or who of your group really knows the most about the game “UNO”? Try to find the weirdest quizzes online and be amazed by the things you will learn about your friends.