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Become an ESN Introduction Guide – September 2024

From Friday the 30th of August until Wednesday the 4th of September 2024, ESN Groningen is organising the ESN Introduction Week. During this week, more than 2000 new students will be given a warm welcome through all types of events… and we need YOU to help us make this happen!

Sign up form: Introduction Guides!

You can find the full overview of the  Programme September 2024 ,  and you can also check out the pictures of the last ESN Introduction Week in February 2024: February 2024 Photos (external link)

Would you like to lead a group of approximately 16 students during the Introduction Week and make them feel welcome in Groningen? Then sign up as an Introduction Guide! Being an Introduction Guide is FREE and includes the following:

    • You will get access to all events of the Introduction Week.
    • You will receive a Goodie Bag.
    • You will receive an Introduction Guide T-shirt.
    • A social with all Introduction Guides and the ESN Executive Board.
    • Most importantly, you will get the opportunity to meet people from all over, befriend them, and have fun at one of Groningen’s biggest introduction weeks!

The programme from Monday, the 2nd, until Wednesday the 4th of august, is primarily in the evening, so you don’t have to miss any courses during the day.

You can sign up together with a friend or by yourself. If you sign up alone, you will be paired up with another guide!

Becoming an Introduction Guide: What to Expect

Curious about what it means to be an Introduction Guide? Wondering about your duties, responsibilities, and how to leave a lasting impression on your group? Let’s delve into it.

First and foremost, as a Guide, your role is to showcase the vibrant student life in Groningen. Together with your partner you’ll be the ultimate tour guide, leading your group to all the must-see spots in the city. Your enthusiasm will set the tone, creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

But being a Guide is more than just showing people around. You’ll strive to creat a sense of belonging within your group, making connections that maybe even last beyond the Introduction Week. For many participants, you’ll be their first introduction to the Groningen community, so it’s essential to be approachable and ready to answer any questions they may have.

In addition to exploring the city, you’ll also guide your group through various program components of the Introduction Week. It’s an opportunity to provide valuable insights into different studies, sports, and student associations, helping participants feel prepared for the exciting journey ahead.

Ultimately, being an Introduction Guide is about more than just guiding; it’s about empowering others to embrace their new chapter in Groningen. So get ready to make memories, forge friendships, and leave a lasting impact on those you guide!

Sign up form: Introduction Guides!

Detailed information, responsibilities, and Terms & Conditions are available in the sign-up form above. For any questions, please email