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Gift ideas when on a budget

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So, you came to Groningen, visited a lot of ESN events, met amazing people and created many friendships. And now holidays are around the corner and you need to buy presents for all of your new(and old but gold) friends and family. Of course, you are broke cause you most probably spent all that money on yourself in a true holiday spirit. No worries, I got you covered with some cheap but cute and useful presents that will for sure keep your friendships in check.

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Groningen is full of amazing stores which sell all kinds of different gift sets and non-branded things which are nevertheless practical yet reasonably priced. No ideas? All you need is a stroll around the town and by the end of the day you’ll have hands full of bags and still some money for dinner.

Winter essentials

A is it practical, B very much-needed, C Netherlands is freezing and D it is a unisex present. I’m talking hats, scarfs, gloves, jumpers, slippers and socks… All the warm accessories both guys and girls would enjoy getting for Christmas and you can never go wrong with getting them a nice fluffy scarf or a pair of gloves needed when cycling in cold. Ugly Christmas sweater are totally acceptable and slippers which are warm and soft are never gonna be a miss but always a hit. You can even pair them up or mix and match and the best part is that they are very affordable gifts you can find both in Hema, Xenos and some clothing stores like H&M, Primark or Zara.

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A cosy set

In this category I’m putting big mugs for that extra dose of hot chocolate, nice packs of tea, blankets, pillows, pj’s, candles or incense and books. It is what you would imagine someone would enjoy having on a relaxing Sunday evening, cuddled up in bed. All over town you can find beautiful gift sets with mugs filled with goodies like chocolates, candies, hot chocolate mix or tea assortments. And it’s just a matter of taste what the person to whom you are gifting likes. Blankets and pillows are for those who are, like me, obssesed with having 20 pillows on their bed or are constantly cold. Candles and incense have been so popular for years now and still do not fail to put a smile on anyone’s face. There is a candle shop Lilly and Rose which sells pretty much any kind of scent you could think of and is sure to satisfy any taste. For book worms, whether ordering online or getting it in a book store, there is no better present to add to the collection. And all of these can be found for between 10-20 euro which is a win-win for everyone.

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Beauty sets

Pretty much any drugstore or a perfume shop this time of year sells gift sets full of nice body lotions, makeup sets or perfumes and the best part is a lot of them can be found discounted online on various sites that do deliver to Netherlands such as Feel Unique, Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay etc. There are also beauty advent calendars which keep the excitement going for 25days and at least one product is for sure gonna please.

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For creative souls, journals, yearly planners, nice notebooks or a set of new markers and other stationary essentials are an ideal Christmas stock up. In Groningen, many book stores and quirky little shops found in small alleys as well as big department stores all offer these bits with a wide variety to choose from. So whether it’s a boy or a girl, their creativity is going to be backed up by a fresh new item to boost their inspiration.

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Sentimental presents

Now if you have a strong bond with a friend or your loved one, a lot of drunk memories, pics from trips together or inner jokes, making a photo album or a compilation of all those times together seems like a perfect and cheapest yet most valuable gift. Let your inner artist out by making a DIY jar with little messages, a book or a journal of memories, a nice card or a letter, a cd with all your favourite tunes or if you have a musical talent even a personalized song. You will melt their heart and they can keep it forever.

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Gifting doesn’t need to be expensive and is not supposed to be an obligation but rather an enjoyment. Even the smallest act of kindness is enough to show a person you care and have thought about them during the holiday season. Giving is never going to leave you empty-handed. So get creative and enjoy December and it’s charms.

Written by Elena – PR Committee