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Making the most of the last month of 2018

At the beginning of the year we all write down our resolutions, (copy-pasting the same ones every year), hoping the year ahead would change and inspire us to work on our goals more. And when December knocks on our doors, the thought that comes to everyone’s mind is probably something like “Oh well, I guess the year is over, I’ll start from January”. Now, in one month all the small things we were avoiding or postponing during the year can be done and can make us feel a bit more accomplished than what we think. And if you have no ideas what to do or cross of your bucket list, here are some things Netherlands offers which might just be the right way to finish the year off.

four people holding fireworks and forming cool word

Ice – skating

Whether you are a pro or have never tried it before, ice-skating is a good way to spend some of the cold December days. In Groningen, there are ice-skating rinks at Grote Markt and sports center Kardinge. So there is absolutely no excuse not to try it out or show off your skating skill. It is a nice way to spend time with friends whilst being out or to go on a “typical movie” date. And at the end of the month you can be proud that you tried out a new sport.

two girls ice skates

Philharmonic concerts

Classical music might not be everyone’s favourite, but every country’s Philharmony makes Christmas special concerts which are truly magical. The whole atmosphere is very christmasy but also spectacular with the venues always being very sophisticated with lights and fancy dress codes. I don’t know one person that regretted attending one and it is a perfect opportunity to cross off going to a fancy event/concert/classical music event. If you go to the Dutch Philharmony website you can see all the concerts they have lined up for this month. In Groningen, you can also enjoy one of the classical events Oosterport offers.

people playing violin inside dim room


Christmas market

Christmas markets are a perfect way to try out some new treats or get the last bits of Christmas shopping done. But what might be a good idea for fulfilling your resolutions or bucket list is traveling to another city/country for a Christmas market. Whilst there are many markets here in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and other close countries have just as beautiful markets where you can get a sense of their own holiday culture and indulge into some special Christmas treats. There are many tours which you can join if you wish to make one last trip before the end of year and not only will you be visiting another country but would also, especially for internationals which might not have seen European Christmas markets, be experiencing something new!

People Standing Facing Christmas Tree With Lights during Night Time

Sports events

If you always wanted to sit on tribunes and cheer with the crowd or see your favourite player in action, attending a sports event in the Netherlands or more specifically, here in Groningen, might be a great start. The sport seasons are finishing and the last games of the year are being played which makes them just that bit more exciting. You can attend a football match, a volleyball game or even a hockey match and experience a completely different setting and energy whilst cheering for the team live. FC Groningen is a very well-known club and has its last game mid-December so don’t miss out on attending a big game such as that one!

man taking aim for goal on hockey goalie

Movies and book

Whether you prefer to read or experience the story line on screen, December is a perfect time to watch all the movies or read the books you have been intending to this year or haven’t had a chance to watch/read over summer. What sounds like a cosier and warmer night in than doing a movie marathon or sipping hot chocolate whilst wrapped up in blanket and reading a good book!

woman reading book

Bake, bake, bake!

December for me screams baking! Of course, following with a holiday season, baking cakes, cookies and nice dinners might just be a perfect way to test out and improve your cooking skills. Trying out a new recipe or attempting to make something which seems difficult or time-consuming might be the best completed resolution as it is both rewarding and delicious.

person lining assorted-shaped cookies on baking sheet inside kitchen

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration or pushed you to try out new things before the end of the year. All of these things you can of course experience and share with your friends and family which would make them even more special. Don’t be lazy and make the most of the holiday season until the new year comes with new goals and opportunities!

Written by – Elena PR Committee