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Refund Policy

Common Refund Document

  • Regular Event Participants

ESN Groningen organises events for some of which it charges a participation fee. Participants have the possibility to cancel from an event and get a full refund on the condition that this is done before the refund deadline. This deadline is dependent on the height of the initial participation fee. Events that have a participation fee lower than 20€ have a cancellation deadline of 48 hours before the start of the event. This means that participants can cancel up to 48 hours in advance and get a full refund. For events that have a participation fee of €20 or higher, the deadline for getting a full refund is equal to the sign-up date for the event itself. This means that participants cannot get a full refund later than a full day after the ticket was purchased, even if this is a week before the event is set to take place. This distinction in participation fees has been put in place as often more expensive events involve multiple parties, which bring more sunk costs, like a bus ride, with them. In turn, this would give way to ESN Groningen running a higher financial risk for larger events as it becomes more difficult to adjust to lower participant numbers. The aforementioned deadlines apply in all circumstances.

In addition to the aforementioned rules, in the event that ESN Groningen has to change the nature of the activity or postpone the event due to circumstances beyond its control, the participants are unable to receive a refund. This applies in all circumstances.

All refund requests for events must be sent to via email before the aforementioned deadlines. All refund requests that are not sent to will not be accepted.

  • Collaborative events

For collaborate events (such as Integration Night), buying tickets through an organisation you are not part of will lead to your ticket being invalidated and a refund will not be given as a result. Tickets sold through a separate ticket platform provider, transaction costs will not be refunded.

  • Committee Members

Committee members of ESN Groningen do not have to pay the participation fee for the events they are organising. However, any expenses on top of the ticket price that ‘regular’ participants have to make, e.g. extra consumptions, do need to be paid for by the committee members. The costs for organising an event will either be paid directly by an EB member using the ESN debit card or indirectly via a committee member. The committee member can request a refund for expenses made for ESN Groningen. To get access to the declaration form, committee members can contact their committee treasurers. It should be noted, however, that a refund can only be granted if a receipt of the purchase is provided. Bank withdrawals do not constitute a valid proof of a payment. The treasurer should reimburse committee members as soon as possible and has a maximum of five working days to refund the money.