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Did you know that 1 in 4 people will need donated blood at some point in their lives? With just an hour of your time, you can help up to three people per donation! Do you want to become a blood donor? As a blood donor at Sanquin, 30% of the blood you donate goes to people with cancer; they need blood transfusions to continue their treatment. Additionally, people involved in accidents, very difficult childbirths, or surgeries may also require blood transfusions., you have a huge impact on their recovery and/or quality of life. With just an hour of your time.

An added bonus: for each donation, you’ll receive a brief health check. This way, you’ll immediately know if your own blood values are still in good condition. As a donor, you’re not only helping others but also taking good care of yourself! Men can be called to donate five times a year, while women can be called three times. The blood donation process itself takes about 10 minutes. You’ll also undergo a brief medical examination. This way, you can also monitor your own health! After donating blood, you’ll have a snack and a drink before heading home. So, it only takes up to five hours of your time per year. With each donation, you can help three people!

Still in doubt, check out this short 2 minute video!

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Apply and save lives!