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Social Impact Week 2024

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ESN Groningen is dedicated to enriching society through international student experiences. To achieve this mission, we center our efforts on six key causes. In alignment with our goals, we’re thrilled to announce the Social Impact Week, a full week of events dedicated to these causes. Join us in Groningen from March 18th to 23rd for a diverse array of events aimed at creating positive change. Check out the schedule and get involved!

Experiencing diverse cultures is a driving force behind international mobility programs. ESN Groningen values unity in diversity and works to foster cultural understanding through various opportunities for both international and local members. By facilitating intercultural dialogue in Groningen, we promote mutual respect and appreciation for diverse perspectives. If you want to experience an event under the Culture cause, come to the Relaxing Beer Yoga and Holi Festival with GISA.

Education and Youth:
As a leading volunteer student organization in international higher education, ESN Groningen provides valuable information about mobility programs and encourages students in Groningen to study abroad. By doing so, we ensure the continued popularity of mobility programs among future generations while nurturing prospective volunteers. This cause is also meant to stimulate and educate existing members through non-formal learning about important topics. If you want to experience an event under the Education & Youth cause, come to the Self Defence Course with Deltaserat and the Kroegcollege –> Groningen Nightlife with the Night Council.

Environmental Sustainability:

At ESN Groningen, we believe in taking active roles in finding solutions to current problems, including environmental sustainability. Our members raise awareness about environmental issues and lead by example, demonstrating our commitment to creating a more sustainable future in Groningen. If you want to experience an event under the Environmental Sustainability cause, come to the Vegan Low Waste Dinner with VSA.

Health and Well-being:
Moving abroad brings significant changes to everyday habits and adjusting to a new lifestyle, which can cause physical and emotional distress for international students in Groningen. To address this, ESN Groningen organizes various relaxing and destressing events to support the well-being of our community. Moreover, we believe in equipping students with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate crucial aspects of their health, including sexual health and relationships. Through fostering open dialogue and providing education on sexuality, we empower individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being. If you want to experience an event under the Health & Wellbeing cause, come to the Painting with Pleasure workshop by SWEI and the Sit Down & Listen.

Social Inclusion:
ESN Groningen believes in the power of volunteer experiences to enhance mobility and promote social integration. Through volunteering activities, we empower international students in Groningen to contribute to their local communities, fostering a sense of belonging and social engagement that creates inclusive societies. Under the theme of Social Inclusion, we also strive to raise awareness for individuals with physical and auditory impairments through interactive workshops. If you’re interested in participating in an event that portraits the cause of Social Inclusion, join us for the Blind City Walk & Borrel in collaboration with Oogvereniging and Inclusivity Class.

Skills and Employability:
Recognizing mobility programs as a base for personal and professional growth, ESN Groningen offers workshops and training events to help volunteers and students develop essential skills. These skills are then utilized to benefit both the local community and international students in Groningen, creating a cycle of learning and growth. If you want to experience an event under the Skills & Employability cause, come to Kickstart your Career in the NL with the IWCN. 

Each day brings something unique, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore all the incredible events we have planned. Be sure to secure your spot early, as these events are expected to fill up quickly. Don’t wait – be a part of this impactful week with ESN!