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Student Businesses in Groningen (II)

Welcome back to our second part of “Student Businesses in Groningen.”

The first part was all about jewellery, nail art and cakes, so don’t forget to check it out! But today, we dedicate ourselves to delicious curry, crocheted fashion and coffee which turns Starbucks pale. But instead of solely praising their brilliance, let me introduce you to “Curry Me,” “Cröcchï” and “Revista Coffee.” 


  • Curry Me – Authentic Indian Food

As the name suggests, “Curry Me” brings delicious, homemade Indian food to our beloved Groningen! It is run by four students: Fahd Rayees, the master chef and founder of Curry Me himself, Maks Szych, responsible for marketing and communication, Moritz Abel, he is in charge of logistics and sales, and Gianluca Zaupa who is responsible for the advertising content of Curry Me. They came up with the idea when they realised that a proper Indian meal in Groningen was unaffordable for students. But this has finally changed, thanks to them! Twice a week, you are now able to order from two curry options which will be delivered directly to your front door. Options include Sri Lanka Coconut Chicken Curry, Matar Paneer, Creamy Coconut Potato Curry, and Honey Tofu. Hungry yet? Because I certainly am! All their ingredients are locally sourced from stores around Groningen and, it gets better still, students get an extra discount. For Fahd, who is from India, good food is associated with good times on a daily basis. So if you are in need of good food, good times or both, check out their Instagram (@curryme_nl)!


  • Cröcchï – Handmade Crocheted Fashion

Ugochi Enyoazu started crocheting when she was around 11 years old because she was genuinely inspired by her mum. By reading books and watching videos, she taught herself nearly everything and since then she could never stop. Even though she already sold some crocheted tops before, the actual encouragement to turn it into a business came from a close friend who is running a small business herself. In June 2021 Ugochi started her business where she now crochets handmade clothing of all sorts: Tops, dresses, and accessories such as bags, earrings and necklaces. Today people from all over Europe can place their orders and expect a unique product. Her business is so special because it is quite versatile in the sense that she doesn’t create one specific kind of product but whatever you wish for! She herself says “I think people should buy my products because they are entirely handmade, which means I take my time on each order to cater to exactly what someone wants. I believe that the difference in buying from me than from a retail store is that all of the products are personalised.” Are you curious yet? Check out her Instagram (@_crocchi_)!


  • Revista Coffee – Groningen’s newest and most exciting café

Revista Coffee was founded in July 2021 by Henry Daniels and Annika Klingenberg, two RUG students who are passionate about coffee. But Revista Coffee is not just a basic cafe, it is truly unique because here coffee comes from a van! Operating out of an old-school Peugeot J7 campervan, they offer you specialty coffee, freshly baked pastries, and a selection of art, photography, and travel mags to keep you entertained. On some days they even host events, for which they collaborate with local DJs, musicians, designers, and artists. The idea came during a dinner with a friend who eventually also located the van for them. Both Annika and Henry had some prior experience: Annika has been involved with the coffee industry for a while and Henry had run a small business in Cape Town before. When they opened, they employed a third team member, Finn. Now Annika is the expert for everything that concerns their coffee, Henry is mainly responsible for the management and administration, and Finn, the barista equipped with an exceptional palate, is a massive help when it comes to food and drink ideas. If you ask them why one should try their coffee, they have a clear answer: “We serve only the best specialty coffee that we can find. We switch roasteries often so that our customers get to experience many different tastes from different roasters that roast beans from a variety of regions all over the world. Our coffee is delicious! Besides the taste, we can guarantee a transparent supply chain, and we support roasters that source from farms that don’t exploit their workers.” That’s a statement. So, what are you still waiting for? You can find their van on the Herebrug seven days a week or simply check them out on Instagram (@revistacoffee)!


So, that was all the student businesses I wanted to share with you. From experience, I can assure you that checking them out is more than worth it. Give it a try and I promise you will not regret it!


Written by Elli Winetsdorfer