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The 5 types of roommates you will meet in every student house

Student life is that awkward stage of life that transitions childhood to adulthood. Starting university will bring you a life full of surprises. Of course, one of the primordial things to do is finding a place to stay and survive for the next 3 to 5 years. In many cases you’ll have to share the house you live in with other people. Those strangers that will make you pretend you’re a polite and nice kid for the first two weeks of uni and who you will soon show your true nature to. They can become your worst enemies sometimes as well as your best friends. Here you will find a small overview on the types of roommates you could encounter in a student house.

  1. The sleeping beauty

Have you ever started to cook lunch and suddenly your roommate enters the kitchen in his/her pajamas still half asleep and takes the milk and cereal out of the fridge? It is biologically impossible to sleep so many hours in a day, and yet here they are.  Are they waiting for their prince charming to wake them up? 


  1. The non-existent one

You have seen his/her face once or twice since you’ve lived here. Half of the time you’re not sure if  they are alive and start wondering if you should report a missing person to the police. Where do they even sleep? By now, you’re not even sure if they still study here.

  1. The one that disturbs your inner peace

Have you ever been on your bed ready to Netflix and Chill with your pizza and you start hearing loud noise. At first you might think it’s just one of those ads that pop up. Well no, it’s your roommate having a supposed private conversation by phone that ends up being not private as you can literally hear all of it. Dear roommate, do you know that you don’t have to shout while on the phone?

  1. The party animal

We all know that students mostly like to party and enjoy their student’s life, but this kind of roommate really needs to calm down. Every single day you will see him/her going in the kitchen and getting alcohol for the pre-drinks or just coming back from partying when you just woke up to go to your 9am class.  How do they even manage to pass courses? Do they even show up? What’s their secret? 


  1. The one that has his life figured out

This one has to be the most annoying roommate. He/she isn’t only nice and charming. But he/she is also healthy and fit as well as the first of their class. Oh and, they probably already created their start-up company by now. This person makes you feel worthless and yet you can’t stop admiring them as well as hating them.

Written by Johanna Gace – PR Committee