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The ESN Introduction Week: 5 highlights to look forward to


It’s almost time for one of the most popular events of ESN Groningen – it’s time for the Introduction Week. ESN welcomes all the new international students by organising a week full of different activities, ranging from parties to sport day and cultural activities. In this article, you can read about 5 highlights to look forward to and my personal experiences from the intro week. Enjoy!

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Number 1: The opening party

After an introduction and dinner with your group, you will go to the opening party at club Kokomo. This is an amazing time to not only party and get to know your group members but to meet other international students. I didn’t know anyone before coming to Groningen, so it was very comforting to meet other internationals. My group and I met up for a dinner in our guides houses, we had a lot of beer and got to know each other. From what I remember (although not much) it was very exciting, a lot of people, all the ESN groups meeting each other at the opening party at Kokomo, it was a blast.

Number 2: Comedy night

This year comedy night will take place in Hanzeplaza where you can enjoy hilarious night of laughter. The improve comedy group “Stranger Things Have Happened“  will give you an experience you will not forget. During my week, this was probably one of my favourite activities. I honestly did not expect it to be as good and funny as it actually was. I actually ended up going to many other “Stranger Things Have Happened” shows after as well. This one is definitely one to look forward to.

Number 3: Sportsday

I know what most people think about this activity… why the hell do I want to do sports after a night out, well I have to say we were very hangover and tired in the morning but sports day at ACLO was amazing. We basically got a chance to try different sports during the day. We started off with a huge warm up with all the groups. My group then got the chance to try field hockey, volleyball, beach volleyball, martial arts as well as many other activities in between. Although the sports and activities will probably be changed this year, it will be a great way to work out and make even closer bonds with your group members through sharing sweat and tears. Sports day is also a chance for you to try different sports and maybe sign up to a sports association. I am for example now part of Kroton, the volleyball association, after getting to play with the members during intro week.

Number 4: Movie night

Movie night is where you can finally relax and enjoy a nice cinema visit with your group members. The visit to Pathe is a nice evening to unwind and prepare for the final party of the intro week. The movie chosen is a surprise, but I can bet it will be a good one.

kokomoNumber 5: Final party

The biggest event of the intro week is the final party, it’s the time to end the crazy week you just had with a lot of alcohol. By then you will have made a lot of friends, across all the ESN groups. Dress up all orange, go all out Dutch with your group and have a night of your life. I would tell you all about my experience, but the alcohol has erased most of it, but I do have a lot of pictures to remind me of the amazing times and memories. I really hope you will enjoy the party because it’s a great way to get you in the mood for the upcoming term. The party will be at club Kokomo; ESN board, volunteers and groups will be there and celebrate the end of the awesome week together. If you have made other friends who are not signed up for the intro week they can also buy a party ticket for this amazing night. We will see you there!

Naturally there are so many other events during the intro week which are equally awesome, I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite highlights. The intro week will be amazing, you will get to make so many new friends and party your heart out. It’s also a nice way to beat those home sickness blues, if you do experience those. I know I did, and having a week packed with so many events made it very easy to adjust to the new place. It was also a nice way to get to know the city and meet new people.

See you in Kokomo for the Pre Introduction Week party this Wednesday!!!

 Written by Dominika Dabrowska – PR & Graphics committee