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The Final Countdown: A Year with ESN

Lovely people, 

I cannot believe that I’m saying this. But this is officially the last blog post I am writing for ESN Groningen. Ouch, my heart just cracked a little. Writing this blog has not only been an honour, but it also brought me so much joy and pleasure. I remember all the afternoons sitting in the Harmonie building, people asking me if I was also super busy because of the deadline the next day, and I was just like, “Yeaaa, no, I am actually writing about tinder nightmares”. Priorities set. Obviously, I’m gonna miss this blog a lot; it got quite important to me. But what I am gonna miss even more is our lovely ESN family. Not even in this blog I can express how much this family means to me. But before I will try and miserably fail to do so, I would like to share with you what other active members had to say about their time with ESN Groningen. 


A board year at ESN Groningen has been one of, if not the best, decision that I have ever made. I have had the honour and great joy to represent and get to know so many amazing people who shape Groningen’s international community. One of my highlights of the year was the Introduction Week of September 2021, where I got to know so many new faces and people who would, later on, join and become part of the ESN Network. These included our dedicated participants, the hard-working and energy-driven active members, other student and study associations, as well as all external contacts that have made my board year an incredible experience. 

(Hannah – President of the Executive Board)


What I loved most about ESN were the people! Whether it was my beautiful committee, with whom I created a very strong bond, the board or other active members, it was always guaranteed fun! I learned so much, and I will always cherish the memories we made forever. I am incredibly proud of the work we achieved as a team, and I loved how everybody dedicated so much work, time, effort and love to what we were trying to achieve together!

(Linda – President of the PR&Graphics Committee)


When I applied to become a member of an ESN committee, I wanted to get to know new people and hoped to make friends with some of them. I never expected to become part of a big, welcoming family. Granted, that’s a little corny. But you know what I mean: Apart from getting to know many amazing people, ESN Groningen is an open community that keeps its members close – if they wish to. I’ve spent a lot of evenings partying surrounded by so many familiar and dear faces, took part in so many fun activities and even burnt off energy during training with them. And if that sounds like a lot: I know for sure that I missed out on so much other stuff they organised. Now committee work is coming to an end. And while a lot of people will be staying, I will be going back to Germany. I am taking with me so many beautiful memories and close new friendships. Applying for the ESN committee seemed like just another social engagement, but in the end, the people there made my exchange year so much better.

(Tobi – Online Editor of the PR&Graphics Committee)


My board year at ESN has been filled with meeting so many new people and making great memories! One of my highlights was our first-ever participation in the Batavierenrace, the biggest relay competition in the world. With a team of 25 people, we ran from Nijmegen to Enschede, which we celebrated afterwards at the biggest student party in Europe! The ESN team consisted of a great mix of people, of course, the Sports Committee as the organising committee was present, but also other Active Members and General Board members. In the months leading up to the weekend, we met up to practise and socialise together to make sure everyone was ready for the weekend. It was an overall success, and I can’t wait to hopefully participate again next year!

(Wytske – Secretary of the Executive Board)


Being involved in ESN Groningen has been a fantastic experience. The board year flew by; we’re already in our last weeks of events! For me personally, the greatest thing about this year was the fact that I got to meet so many amazing people. These vary from people that came to the events, our lovely active members that organised them, other student and study associations that I got to collaborate with, other external parties and of course, the board that became like a second family!

(Mingke – Integration Coordinator of the Executive Board)


What I value most about my time with ESN are the uncountable experiences I could make. It sounds so cheesy, but ESN just gave my life more purpose and enriched it with all the fantastic parties, committee meetings, the active members weekend, and so many more activities. If I think about it, it’s crazy how many memories and friends I have made in such a short time, literally crazy.

(Yulian – Podcast Manager of the PR&Graphics Committee)


Being part of a committee is a great way to meet new people from around the world, both within other committees but also other members who come to events that you organise. Going to the different events throughout the year, such as paintballing, active member weekends and many more, allows you to create memories with people you may have never met. Being in a committee has allowed me to get more of the ‘university experience’ and enabled me to think about how you can bring other members together, which ESN is all about.

(Ewan – Treasurer of the Active Members Committee)


Wise words. True words. And I am right now more emotional than while watching Disney’s Lion King. So I guess it is my turn now to simp ESN. Over the last couple of months, ESN has become more and more important to me. There are so many memories connected with it: becoming a pro in flunkyball, (in)voluntarily swimming during the active members weekend, having a rave during the sunset on a “private” island, running the biggest relay competition in the world and partying at Europe’s biggest student party, celebrating birthdays, committee meetings (the word meeting always makes it sounds so serious), weekly student and costume parties, screaming our lungs out during beer cantus, dinners, or the many, many committee challenges. Seriously, I remember dance battles or how some of my beloved committee members and I were standing on campus with 4 to 7 marshmallows in our mouths, trying to say “Chubby Bunny”. ESN gave me the student life I was always craving. But what’s more, it gave me friendships I will always value. Last week at the ESN live music night, organised by the fantastic culture committee, we could watch young people from all over the world who just met a few weeks ago rocking the stage as if they owned it. And while we were dancing ourselves into a state of ecstasy, I realised again what ESN is all about: people coming together, no matter where they are from, no matter their ethnicity, culture, gender, look, or sexual orientation. Just people coming together for the gezelligheid. Hands up, ESN is amazing.  


And now, I will stop the simping. Take care of yourself. And well, see you around?


Written by Elli Winetsdorfer.