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Things to do during the second lockdown

Covid cases are increasing and the government has announced stricter measures. This means that our new social plans are getting canceled (again) and even more university classes are online. We are spending most of our time at home and we have a lot of spare time. To make sure you will not get bored, we made a list of things you can do during this second lockdown.

Watch a movie
One of the best things to do to fill your time and just relax, is watching a movie. Maybe you have seen everything on Netflix during the first lockdown, but don’t worry! We have a solution for that. Pathé is offering a free movie everyday for two weeks. Started on the 5th of November (sorry, you missed the first movies), they offer you a movie everyday until the 18th of November. You can watch the movie on Pathé Thuis. To know which movie is available, just go to their social media. This way you have a free movie everyday to help you get through this lockdown.

Begin christmas decorating your home
It’s still only the beginning of November, but during these weird times we need something to make us happy. A perfect way to stay happy in your room 24/7, is to begin christmas decorating early. Get your christmas lights, stars, glitter and christmas tree and make your room the most cosy place you have ever seen. Maybe you can even put some christmas presents under your christmas tree. In a beautifully decorated room, you will just want to stay there all the time, making lockdown a bit easier.

Read a book
A lot of us loved to read books as a child, but forgot about that love while growing up. There simply is no time left to read, because we have a lot to do. Now that social plans are getting canceled and uni classes are online, there suddenly is a lot of time in a day that isn’t filled with plans. This is the perfect time to rediscover that love for reading you used to have. To get you started, we will give you a list of our personal favourites:

Learn a new skill
Have you always dreamed of playing the guitar like a professional musician? Or do you want to enjoy your freshly decorated room in your self-knitted sweater? But you just lack the skills to do it? Now is your time! With all those spare hours, you have all the time to learn that skill you always wished you had. You can search for instruction videos on YouTube to guide you through your first steps. This is a perfect way to beat boredom and find a new passion. When everyone else gets out of lockdown just a bit more bored than they were before, you will get out as a talented pro.

Organize an online pub quiz for your friends
If you still want to meet with friends, the best way to do that now is online. To make things a bit more interesting, you can organize a pub quiz for your group of friends. Google for fun facts, ask your friends about facts about themselves or find some logos. You can use photos of buildings or people, book covers, movie posters, old sport games, cars… The possibilities are endless, get creative! Organizing a pub quiz will give you a nice time with your friends, filled with laughter and amazement about the facts that you are spitting around. By example, do you know what arachibutyrophobia is? It means that you are scared of peanut butter sticking to your palate!