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What is Bevrijdingsdag?

It’s that time of the year again, one week after King’s day – are you ready for the liberation day? – the Dutch refer to it as Bevrijdingsdag and it is celebrated on the 5th of May.
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Liberation day is celebrated in the Netherlands each year on May the 5th. It is a day which marks the end of the occupation of Nazi Germany during World War 2.  On the day before, the 4th of May the Dutch hold the remembrance of the dead – “Dodenherdenking”, two minutes of silence is held on 8pm throughout the country.

On the 5th of May this liberation is celebrated; many festivals are held at most cities in the Netherlands with parades and live music.

In Groningen you can visit the free Bevrijdingsfestival which takes place in Stadspark. There will be many great performers, tasty food, theatre and art! Check out the line-up online on the event’s Facebook page or on their website. Last year, Tom Odell was one of the performers!

The Bevrijdingsfestival is so much fun, a great way to celebrate with your friends and listen to amazing music. The atmosphere is great and probably the best news is the weather is going to be awesome this year!
There is nothing better than going to the park with your friends to a free music festival and celebrating “Freedom is something you pass on” – “Geed vrijheid door” in Dutch

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I hope you found out a bit more in this short blog about the history behind the Bevrijdingsday. Enjoy the festival!

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Written by Dominika Dabrowska – PR committee