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What Kind of Student are You? The Ultimate Test!

When I applied for university, I pictured myself living my best life, hanging out with my friends all day long, trying new things, and my only struggle would be the decision if I should rather go to a club or a house party. Well, after the first week I’ve realised that students actually do need to study. A tragic disappointment. I was fooled by countless Netflix series about universities and colleges. In approximately 268 hours of playtime, they didn’t show a single STUDYING STUDENT. That was when I got catfished for the first time. If I only had seen myself before, studying until midnight in the UB with a fatal cold and spending more money on 40 cent coffee than on beer. But nevertheless, I would do it all over again, and even in the worst time, there was never any regret. I might also have exaggerated a little bit, a tiny bit, let’s say. The student life is unique; the kind of uniqueness however depends pretty much on what kind of a student you are. This is exactly why we provide you with the ultimate test: What kind of student are you? Get to know the answer and enjoy the test! By the way, I don’t study psychology, so please don’t take it too seriously.


How much do you care about your grades?

A) A pass is a pass

B) I put the date of the resit in my agenda before the actual exam

C) Don’t care too much, don’t care too little, some average grades make me happy

D) Everything below 8 points hurts a little


What do you do on a casual evening?

A) Seeing some friends in a pub or wherever

B) Clubbing all night somewhere between Poelestraat and Peperstraat

C) Have a chill night at home

D) Studying until the UB closes


What are you doing during lectures and seminars?

A) Answering all messages I’ve ignored before, online shopping, playing games, and much more

B) I could tell you if I would ever attend any

C) 50% listening, 50% chatting or watching my fellow students 

D) I’m following every single word that has been said and take notes 


How much do you usually study?

A) Not much during the block, but before exams definitely sufficiently

B) Just the night before the exam

C) An average 8-hours day

D) Too much to get enough sleep


What is your standpoint on readings?

A) I read the introduction and conclusion

B) Definitely skip those

C) I read the required ones most of the time

D) I read everything we’re supposed to read, plus the recommended ones


What does your typical morning look like?

A) Depends on the day, but in either case, chill

B) I sleep in, take some painkillers against the hungover, and eat whatever I can find in the fridge; definitely won’t leave the house before 2 pm

C) I have my daily routine to get ready without stress and start the day freshly

D) I get up at 6 am, drink two coffees and start studying 



Mostly A: If someone wants to know how to get well through university with the least effort and the most fun, you are the person to ask! As long as the chill and party hours prevail over the study time, you’re pleased. Seems like you’re enjoying life to the fullest without losing control of it, not bad, not bad at all! 

Mostly B: You could be in the cast of the exact series that catfished me and thousands of others! Living THE stereotypical student lifestyle, you definitely know how to enjoy it. Probably knowing each club in Groningen better than any lecture content, and I’m speaking out of pure jealousy here. Just remember, as amazing the student life is, you might not want to be one for the rest of your life. 

Mostly C: That’s a good balance you’ve got there, sound healthy, fun and still quite ambitious. You probably are gonna look back at your student life with a mix of nostalgia, a big smile and a little relief to never enter the UB again. So keep going and enjoy living the dream!

Mostly D: Daaaamn, you gonna run the world one day! You have my full respect, that’s enough ambition for an entire class you’ve got there. The UB seems to see you more regularly than your own bed, and I bet you know the course guides by heart. You can be proud of yourself! But be a little careful, and I’m gonna cite a very cheesy quote now, which does definitely not originate from my own brain, but Google doesn’t know either: “Climb the mountain but don’t forget to enjoy the view”. 


Written by Elli Winetsdorfer.