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Written thoughts

It has always been quite challenging for me to speak my mind. And I think this is something many of us struggle with. It’s way easier for me to wrap my feelings in words and put them down on a paper, express myself with letters or cards.

This is why, about two weeks ago, I finally decided to start writing a journal. Daily. (I’m trying to at least.) It’s one of these things you know you should do but can never seem to find time for it.

When I started to write down my thoughts, they sounded weird to me on paper in the beginning. It just did not sound like the thoughts I had in my mind. But I think it was just something unfamiliar and new for me.
After a while it made me realize that writing gives you time to reflect on your thoughts, it gives you time to edit, to even crosswords out. Something, that is obviously not possible with speaking. Once you say something, it is out there. And you can’t change it anymore.

Writing helped me to make it easier for me to detach from worries that just don’t need to be there. And instead of always seeing the bad things, it helped me to be more focussed on the good.

//My written thoughts made me aware of how much I fall in love with little things, with details. It made me aware of all the things I fall in love with during the day, that I wouldn’t really notice if I wouldn’t capture it in words at the end of the day. It made me aware of how grateful I am for all the people in my life.//

If I wouldn’t sit down at the end of the day for half an hour, I would miss out on so many important and remarkable things that I’m actually surrounded by in my life. Even though life can get super busy, you should always put yourself first and you should always take those couple of minutes at the end of the day to express yourself and write things down. We can all make use of that!

Written by Lisa Schleichardt – PR & Graphics Committee