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Language Exchange Programme

Are you interested in learning a new language in a fun and easy way? Or are you going abroad and want to have a little practice before you go? Or maybe you have already been abroad and are slowly losing your vocabulary? Anyways, the Language Exchange Programme might be a great way for you to practice a foreign language!

The goal of the programme is for students to learn each other’s language and meet new people. You will be linked to another student to practice or teach one of the most popular languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German and French. However, you can always indicate that you’re interested in languages other than the ones mentioned. You can meet as many times if you want and nothing is compulsory, it’s up to you! It is also possible to sign up for this programme if you only want to teach or only want to learn a language. You’ll receive an email with the contact details of your match after the sign-up deadline.  However this might take a while.  

If you still have any questions regarding the programme, feel free to contact us by emailing The Language Exchange Programme was called the ‘Intercambio Programme’ before. If you signed up recently, please sign up again! Thank you so much and enjoy!

There are two different sign up forms, so if you want to both learn, and teach a language, don’t forget to fill out both!

I want to LEARN a language

I want to TEACH a language