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Become a Crew Member at the ESN Introduction Week!


From Friday, September 1st, until Wednesday, September 6th, 2023, ESN Groningen is organising the ESN Introduction Week. During this week, more than 1,800 new students will be given a warm welcome through all types of events… and we need YOU to help us make this happen!

The ESN Crew is an essential part of the Introduction Week, as it is present before, during, and after all events to ensure the best experience possible for all participants. As a Crew member, you could be working at the bar, helping with crowd control, building up and down, and much more!

If you work eight or more hours, you get a free ESNcard, access to the Sunday and Wednesday parties, as well as a social with the entire ESN Crew and Executive Board of ESN Groningen.

Interested? Become ESN Crew! You can sign up for one, or multiple shifts by clicking on the button below:

Become an ESN Crew Member!

For any questions or concerns, please send an email to