As the name already suggests, the Buddy & Integration committee leads the official Buddy Program for students in Groningen, where we match incoming international students, either on exchange or full-time, with students who have signed up as buddy. With this program we intend to help students who are new to Groningen, in order for them to have the best possible experience in this beautiful city. We also hope to attract local students who are interested in making new, international friends whilst showing them around and participating in ESN activities (which are a lot of fun!).  

Besides the Buddy program, the BIC organises activities for both those part of the buddy programme and other ESN members. Activities the committee organises include, but are not limited to, a crazy 88, unlimited Dutch pancakes on a boat, and laser tag!  The committee is made up of two Germans, two Dutchies, an Englishman and an Italian, which is quite the mix. We have Lois, who serves as our president and likes to spend her time in the library staring at cute boys while also occasionally throwing boiling water over herself. Then you have Sam, who not only politely replies to all the e-mails we receive, but also stars in hip-hop videos. Svenja, a.k.a. our Duracell Bunny, one of the activity coordinators, is one of the first people to be found at ESN nights. Azra is our second, but just as important, activity coordinator. She is known as an admirer of good bread and has the tendency to take cool-looking beer-glasses home from the bar. Alice, who besides keeps tracks of all our expenses, is our Italian food critic, making it clear that pasta and chicken do not match. Bouwe is our charming PR guy who surely manages to convince everyone to join our activities when he is not busting out his dance moves.

The committee meets regularly to organise activities and have dinner together, and are always down for a party! You can regularly find us at the Wednesday ESN nights or at other events organised by ESN.

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The Buddy & Integration Committee '17/'18

Left to right: Alice, Sam, Svenja, Lois, Bouwe and Azra.