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Party & Pub Quiz Committee

We are delighted to introduce you to the new members of the Party and Pub Quiz Committee, also known as the most fun committee, or the PPC. The PPC is in charge of organizing the legendary, now mythical, KOKOMO theme parties, and the remarkably challenging Pub Quizzes. Each one of the members of this committee is enthusiastic and sometimes even hard-working! The PPC is a small (but functional) family that, with a bit of luck, will be able to showcase their unmatched party-organizing skills during the upcoming semester. In the meantime, the PPC will keep themselves busy by putting together the intellectually demanding Pub Quizzes which make everyone think harder than final exams at RUG.


President: Pia, International Business and Management, Germany.

Mom, fun crazy, True Crime lover 


Secretary: Szjonja, Media Studies, Hungary.

Dancer, leopard, exchange student 


Treasurer: Bas, Energy for Society, the Netherlands.

Mikha’s boo, creative, ppp.(professional poker player)


Evaluator: Mikha, Pharmacy, Suriname.

Alcoholic pharmacist, gym bunny, broccoli lover 


PR Coordinator: Carla, English Language and Culture, Spain/UK.

Monologue Queen, Baby Girl, cheap drunk


Pub Quiz Coordinator: Davide, International Business Management and Marketing, Italy.

Whistler, wink, carbonara 


We as PPC want to see YOU at our events and make our Groningen-time unforgettable together. Till the next party!

With love,

ESN Party and Pub Quiz Committee