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Party & Pub Quiz Committee



Let us introduce you to ESN Groningen’s Party and Pub Quiz Committee, better known as PPC ;-).
We organize all the fun stuff of ESN, such as thrilling Pub Quizzes and legendary Kokomo Theme Parties.
Our committee consists of six passionate members, below each of us shortly described by the fellow PPC members:

  • Melissa, International business, Turkey – Little baby snake. Our mighty president and voice of sense if we are about to lose the focus. P.S. You spend any time close to her and you will get to know why she is the snake.
  • Säde, Religious Studies, Finland – Religious oatmeal girl. The secretary of PPC, deals with the minutes and reminds the rest of the committee to do their homework (or the other way around..).
  • Jelle, International Business, the Netherlands – Dutch culture guy. PPC’s treasurer and indeed our very appreciated link to the authentic Dutch life.
  • Lars, Psychology, Germany –  Besides, an activity coordinator he is very active. 😉
  • George, Game Design and Development, Romania – Ice ice baby. The PR guy. He is behind the outstanding graphic designs of our events. Always camera in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other.
  • Judith, International Business, Austria – the Swiss girl from Austria. PPC’s shining evaluator, giving us precious feedback from our events, hence, our parties get better and better!
  • Polle – PPC’s spy in the board of ESN. He pretends to be our supervisor.


We as PPC want to see YOU at our events and make our Groningen-time unforgettable together.

Till the next party!

With love,

Party and Pub Quiz Committee