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Party & Pub Quiz Committee

We are the Party and Pub Quiz Committee, commonly known as the PPC or the committee that brings the fun to ESN!

Every month we organise a theme party in Club Kokomo and a pub quiz in Het Heerenhuis. Yes, both happen in the same week, because the PPC know how to work hard and play hard. 

Julian is our president, as well as our Promo and Public Relations guy. He is consistently late and doesn’t like to share his food. However, he likes to share other things with our board representative Roelof. He is studying something but we are not exactly sure what as ESN takes up all of his time.   

In a former life, Sam was the NBA’s shortest player. Now he’s PPC secretary and all round oracle of truth. If it’s happened he’s got the details, and the minutes to back it up! 

Next up is Estefania, our resident Columbiana, Hema girl and pub quiz Coordinator. Her career ambition is to become a Disney princess, and she is the biggest ABBA fan in the world under the age of 60, having watched both Mamma Mia movies at least 50 times. She’s the one who makes sure the pub quiz runs smoothly. Ess is also in charge of tallying up the scores and calculating the winner – so keep that in mind next time you see her.

As our Treasurer, Sanna ensures we put our money to good use. She is the responsible one who keeps the show running. Sanna is a master of organization, Nordic trivia and questionable decisions. She has a tendency of disappearing on nights out, but never fear she always shows up eventually! 

Laura is the youngest of the tribe. We teach her life, love and passing out in Simplon. She is the antithesis to Brexit, having come all the way from Ireland to study European Culture and Languages. She is our evaluator so she’ll be happy to hear all your improvement ideas. 

When we’re not thinking of possible party themes, promo strategies or pub quiz questions, we like to have dinner together. Movie nights are also one of our favorite activities.

Whatever we do we always have fun together and if you join us at our next party or pub quiz we’re sure you will too!